The crowd freezes as he asks for the hand of this woman — now watch what happens when he starts to dance

Sometimes all you need to do when tired of the gray days and stress at work is to relax and have some fun. Jason Colacino and Katie Boyle are great at doing this, which is why they became famous.

The couple dance for a long time and are always happy to try something new. And now, just a few moments after Jason invited Katy to the dance floor, the audience began to cheer with delight.

When the Rolling Stones’ classic hit «Honky Tonk Woman» blared through the speakers, audiences really didn’t know what to expect. Jason and Cathy, swing dancers, decided to add a touch of «cheap American eatery» to their dances. And what do we see?

Well, this couple has managed to take swing to a whole new level! An exciting dance program, which, of course, you don’t see every day, reflects their high skill.

It is clear that Jason and Katy have a huge passion for dancing, radiating genuine joy on the dance floor.

Jason and Kathy know how to dance and have great fun together! And the fact that it is simply impossible to take your eyes off them only proves it!

This video has almost 35 million views on YouTube and when you watch it you will understand why.

Check out their incendiary performance below:

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