A 24 years old contender moves the Judges with an Original Song on Italy’s Got Talent – Videos of Inspiring Performances

Ekaterina’s performance literally began on a low note with the grunting noises of an animal. The judges weren’t sure what to expect, but they did expect singing, so at first they were perplexed and disappointed. However, Ekaterina kept performing, leaving everyone, including the judges, speechless.

She wrote a song that was so captivating and primal that one could see her voice playing as the ambiance in nearly any Bible story.

We might associate her voice with the scenario in which Satan confronted Eve in the Garden of Eden or even with King David’s pursuit by King Saul.

Her voice transports you back in time and makes a profound, deep call. She performed a song that at times had the effect of birds chirping and trilling, while other times made the ground appear to be moving.

She informed the judges that the genre of music she produced is known as ‘Throat Singing’ after impressing them with her performance.

She explains to the judges that she started singing when she was three and quickly developed a love for opera. She had a difficult time learning opera, but she enjoyed every minute of it.

She was born in Russia, spent her childhood there, and then moved to Italy to pursue her musical studies. She had to enter when she learned about Italy’s Got Talent. We are very grateful that she did.

‘Every time I listen to this, I feel shivers and it brings tears to my eyes,’ one viewer said. However, I also get a nostalgic feeling or a sense that something is calling to me.

I experience this as well when listening to Kulning. Your voice just touches the spirit because it is so lovely. To hear more of your music, please!

This is very lovely, wrote another viewer. I’m crying, sorry. One of the most lovely voices I have ever heard is this one.

Her voice should be the soundtrack to films like The Lord of the Rings, according to other spectators. Some asked her to notify them when her debut album is released in their posts.

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