Owl comes to talk with 98-year-old grandmother almost every day. Family members make an unexpected discovery about this.

A grandma who frequently sees a chatty horned owl believes the owl is a message from her deceased husband.

Ranna, 98, of Phoenix, Arizona, claims that the owl visits frequently and rests on the balcony of her house. In addition to paying her a visit, the owl also hoots anytime he sees her.

Shai, her granddaughter, visited recently and captured one of their endearing interactions on camera.

The owl is not alarmed by Ranna’s presence and begins to hoot as she gets closer. Ranna remarks to her daughter about the owl’s lovely eyes.

According to Shai, the owl exclusively communicates with her grandmother and started paying her visits a few months ago. What a wonderful thing!

The family who believed a cardinal bird’s visit was a communication from their grandma comes to mind when we think of Ranna and her owl.

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