A teenager with Down syndrome is recognized as a real hero after this action

Have you ever risked your life to save another person? Not? Do not worry. In fact, there are very few such people on earth. But Valerio Catonia can proudly say that he is one of those heroes.

Shortly after Valerio was born, doctors told his parents that he had Down syndrome. In order for the child to grow up strong and resilient, at the age of 3 he was enrolled in a swimming circle. As a result, he quickly developed into an accomplished swimmer.

Valerio not only won several swimming medals and diplomas, he also took a water first aid course that once helped him save two girls.

According to the Italian publication Redattore Sociale, Valerio saved the lives of two girls, one of whom was 10 and the other 14. One day, when Valerio was on the beach with his father, he suddenly heard cries for help coming from the sea.

Having determined from which direction the screams were coming, he saw two girls who were at the mercy of a strong sea current. Large waves covered the drowning people, taking them farther and farther from the shore.

Valerio decided not to waste a minute, because he understood that there was simply no time to wait for professional rescuers. He and his father jumped into the water and swam towards the girls.

Valerio picked up the 10-year-old victim and, holding her tightly by the neck, swam back to the shore. And his father saved the older girl.

After the incident, people around the world praise Valerio for his bravery. He even received a medal for bravery from the Minister of Sports of Italy.

Valerio’s selflessness shows that people with Down syndrome are also capable of heroic deeds.

Watch the video below to see Valerio being awarded the medal of honor:

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