A dance performance by elderly people in a mall surprised all visitors

Growing elderly doesn’t mean you have to sit around and have other people take care of everything for you.

In reality, a large number of elders are now taking up tasks to mentor the younger generation. Others go to the gym, while others sing and dance.

Check out this ‘Happy’ flashmob performed by a group of people who have collectively spent 4,000 years together.

Elderly men and women were given the opportunity to dance for mall patrons along with the personnel of their home.

They come from the Rita Angus, Charles Fleming, Shona McFarlane, and Malvina Major retirement communities.

Undoubtedly, the Westfield Queensgate mall wasn’t prepared for all those years of shifting. It’s great to watch these senior citizens dancing and enjoying themselves at the mall!

Elderly adults also experience physical advantages, such as improved balance, strength, and gait, which lowers the chance of falling.

Since the muscles in their arms and legs are continuously in motion, enhancing their balance benefits them since it enhances their coordination.

Look at those smiles, please!
They’re all in a great mood, and as they danced the night away, you couldn’t help but think that they were probably remembering their youth. Social media wasn’t around back then!

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