Four toddlers steal the event with a charming and amusing routine. video

The fact that the children were all in time during this performance may have been even more unexpected.

That seldom ever occurs because a presentation featuring children typically ends in comical gestures with only two dancing at once.

Not so, though, with these youngsters. The ARTEK Child Education Center’s version of the ‘Musical Chair’ dance!

These four little charmers put on quite a show for their parents as part of their graduation presentation. Look at how handsome and dashing they were that night!

These boys opted for an outfit that includes vests, bow ties, trousers, and fedora hats, and wow do they look fantastic. It resembles Fred Astaire and Michael Jackson coming back to life as three foot men.

The boys dance very well, mirroring each other’s movements while stepping, sitting on, and maneuvering around the chairs they dragged into the platform. Even this viewer said they were amazed.

Wow, you have talent, and your timing is impeccable! I could never have accomplished that! Love the dance move that gave them a Michael Jackson like appearance. What else did you find to be extremely cute? These charming smiles!

The little boys would slap their thighs to the piano song, flip their legs around, and even turn around on their seats to the beat.

They put a lot of effort into this, and it’s clear that they’re enjoying themselves while they dance.

Their teachers did an excellent job considering how challenging it is to persuade children to follow directions.

Dinner must have been delicious that evening since the boys made mom and dad so happy!

Take a look at these cute dances below!

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