Something completely unexpected takes place when this girl is filming her performance and singing her classic song with all of her concentration.

Maura, a little girl, is now honing her operatic skills in the privacy of her room at home. It is obvious that she has had a lot of training because her voice is so lovely.

Her cat leaps up onto the visible surface of the desk. The kitty follows the girl’s lead and begins to look directly at the camera before breaking into a solo performance.

Maura is really taken aback right now. Maura starts laughing when she hears the cat meowing in a singing-like style because of what is taking place.

The animal keeps making noises even if the background music is still playing in the background.

Maura finds the whole affair to be quite amusing. The cat is so steady and focused that it only ‘sings’ at select periods; finally, after it is finished, the cat walks out of the camera’s view.

Maura is taken aback and then chuckles as she realizes that her pet has just stolen the show. There is no question in our minds that this is an exceptionally intelligent creature.

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