Try not to cry as you watch this birthday child get surprised by his parents. [video]

How many parents have struggled to find the perfect birthday present for their children? Kids occasionally have all they desire or require. Or perhaps what they want conflicts with what they ought to have.

Sometimes it seems like the present isn’t well accepted or valued. However, in this very heartwarming film, none of those scenarios occur! See this young man get the present he’s wanted since he was three years old!

Mom records the cheerful, blond youngster as he opens a package at the kitchen counter for his 12th birthday. He takes something out of the wrapping and it is officially-licensed goods from Stranger Things.

Although he doesn’t appear to be fully aware of what the item is, he obviously enjoys the program, so everything is OK.

Mom asks him what he has, as mothers occasionally do even though they are fully aware of what is within. He discovers something else.

He claims that the two presents are dog toys while revealing that one is a soft, orange plush basketball.

As sweetly and obediently as a parent could ever imagine or expect, he is still grinning and acting! Such a jewel of a tween!

Mom apologizes, acting as though she was unaware that she had bought her son dog toys. She finally admits, though, that she supposes he now needs a dog!

Meanwhile, Dad has appeared from behind with a cute dog wrapped in a blanket. The brilliant child has deduced what’s happening from Mom’s remarks and found Dad holding the present he’s been seeking for nine years! The following few seconds will have you in tears!

The boy recoils in total disbelief, grabs his shirt, rubs his head, and declares that he’s going to cry. He does, indeed! He’s inconsolable.

Mom encourages her son to visit his new puppy, and before long, he is patting the black, furry friend’s head!

What a kind and grateful young man he is! It’s clear from the captions that Mom and Dad are happy for their son, as they ought to be. This child is incredibly remarkable, and the dog is very fortunate!

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