Keanu Reeves never stops to amaze and surprise people with his unusual moves! Everyone will love this one

This week, Keanu Reeves was sighted in the UK enjoying ‘a few of whiskies’ and mingling with a wedding party, maintaining his standing as the nicest man in Hollywood.

On the groom’s wedding day, Reeves met him at the bar of a four-star hotel in Daventry and made a commitment to attend the reception.

The actor then delightedly posed for photos with the newlyweds at the Fawsley Hall Hotel & Spa, much to the delight of James Roadnight and his bride Nikki.

The Matrix star afterwards entered The Fox and Hounds in Charwelton, where he interacted with patrons and enthusiastically posed for pictures.

Danny Ricks, the proprietor of the establishment, was astounded to see the movie star come and take a seat.

‘You don’t have a Hollywood star coming into your tavern every day. It improved everyone’s night.’

The 57-year-old consumed a Caesar salad as an appetizer, a falafel dish as a main course, and ‘quite a few double whisky’ to finish it all off.

It was strange. When he entered, I had to take a second look since I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. That man reminds me a lot of Keanu Reeves, I thought.

He was just an all-around wonderful guy that was really down to earth. Everything positive you might imagine about him is true.

‘He posed for pictures with customers and employees. Nothing was too much for him, and he took his time to talk to each person.’

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