This is a priceless video that you must not miss. Every night before the baby goes to sleep, a dog comes to his room and doing this

We can observe a cute tiny baby sleeping in a bassinet in this monitor footage. A stunning dog appears out of nowhere to check on the child in the room.

In clip after film, the family pet enters the room, approaches the bassinet, and occasionally even lies down close to the kid before going to bed.

This dog clearly cares about the baby and exhibits maternal instincts.

Every night is a bit different; the infant gets dressed in fresh pajamas; the dog comes in a particular way depending on the child’s sleeping position; and the dog stays for a varied period of time.

One thing, though, never changes: the family pet will always be in the nursery at night, checking to see if the boy is sound asleep.

It is very sweet that this family recorded these special moments on camera because they would not have known otherwise.

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