The homeless woman refused to leave the street with this one confusing reason

The woman, whom the residents of the Mexican city of Tijuana named Hall, is 65 years old. But she lives in a completely different way than an ordinary pensioner.

Hall’s life turned out to be such that she ended up on the street. A pack of dogs spent many years with her, which Hall treated and fed with the last means.

At night, the woman slept with the animals, who warmed her with their bodies.They are all huddled in a huge garbage bag.

When the local police finally took notice of the Mexican woman’s problem, she flatly refused to go with them.

No, she’s not romanticizing her street lifestyle. She feared for her furry friends. Moreover, one of the dogs was due to give birth to puppies in the near future, and Hall was afraid to leave the young mother and her puppies to the whims of fortune.

As a result, the police and Hall came to a compromise: the woman will spend the night in a special center where there is heat and a normal bed. It was then that the woman met a volunteer named Alejandra Cordova Castro.

Castro realized that Hall would never leave her four-legged friends, so he began to look for compromise solutions.

First, she bought all the necessary things for her wife: a regular mattress, water bottles, warm socks and long-awaited dog food.

Second, she arranged for Hall to be moved to a special tent shelter. Now the woman at least has a roof over her head, and the dogs have stayed nearby. A day at this camp costs only 50 pesos, like a cheap cup of coffee.

Local media and social media responded to Hall’s story. Now the woman hopes to be able to open a shelter for her pets and begin to lead an absolutely normal life, and Alejandra continues to think about how to make this dream of Hall come true.

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