Richard Gere had a hard time finding a life partner that fit his lifestyle. He went through a protracted divorce that lasted four years, but he had no idea that his life was about to begin.

Richard Gere, a devoted father and husband, turned 73 today! His life is currently fully focused on family. However, his journey to become a family guy with a devoted wife was difficult and long.

In 1995, shortly after divorcing supermodel Cindy Crawford, Gere met Carey Lowell.

Before moving forward, the pair dated for seven years. Lowell was a practicing Buddhist at the time, and Gere was just starting out.

Because of his faith, the actor took his time getting married; he stated, ‘Like the rest of the world, I’m crawling on my belly. To me, life is an exercise in introspection. Definitely the journey one makes.’

The couple wed in a modest ceremony that was kept a secret for some time. Lowell and Gere opted to have a small ceremony with their children serving as witnesses after Gere said he couldn’t convince their family to travel.

Hannah Dunne, a child from Lowell’s former marriage to Griffin Dunne, and Homer, a child from her relationship with Gere.

Furthermore, Lowell and Gere have both been married before, so they are both aware of the effort required to maintain a lifetime commitment.

Gere said he already felt married to Lowell, so taking the next step felt natural for the couple. Nevertheless, the couple did not rush to walk down the aisle. I have absolutely no issues with this one, he continued.

A 4-year divorce marked the end of Richard’s 11-year marriage.

Gere and Lowell decided to separate after 11 years of marriage. Their allegedly disparate lives were the cause of the separation.

Lowell wanted to mingle and be in the spotlight, whereas Gere, a Buddhist, preferred a life of solitary solitude.

Although their divorce was a protracted and difficult process, their separation was brought on by irreconcilable disagreements.

The divorce entailed a custody dispute, and the parties could not come to an agreement on how Gere’s wealth should be divided.

The actress believed she deserved half of everything because she sacrificed her career for Lowell and supported their son Homer, thus she sought a hundred million dollars of his $250 million wealth.

Following some legal wrangling, the former couple finally came to an understanding over the divorce’s custody issue.

After four years of protracted court negotiations, Lowell and Gere’s divorce was finally approved.

They were free to live the lives they wanted, but the settlement’s specifics were kept secret.


Gere discovered love again after going through a difficult, protracted divorce. It came out that he had been staring at his true love the entire time.

Alejandra Silva, a Spanish woman, was operating a hotel in Positano when the ‘Pretty Woman’ actress first met her there.

Silva is the daughter of businessman and former vice president of the Real Madrid soccer team, Ignacio Silva.

The Spanish philanthropist has also served on the boards of other charities, including the Real Madrid soccer team’s Beautiful Life Fund.

When Silva was a teenager, Gere borrowed a boat from the Silva family to shoot a TV commercial. Gere and the Silva family were close friends.

Silva and Gere began dating in 2014, nevertheless, after their reunion and immediate chemistry.

Silva provided little specifics regarding the proposal, but she did mention that it took place in one of the most romantic hotels in the South of France.

The pair wed in 2018 in a stunning ceremony with Indian influences. Silva said the ceremony was amazing and she could not stop smiling. They stunned their guests by making a grand entrance in a tuk-tuk.

Silva acknowledged that they just love each other in response to a question about their 20-year age difference, and Gere promised her 20 happy years of marriage.

Silva and Gere had lengthy divorces before to their relationship, but for them, the age difference meant nothing because their connection made it evident they were intended to be together.

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