To see what occurs, a man dives 45 feet down to shatter an egg near the ocean floor. You will be stunned with result

Normally, we’d be discussing the fauna, but this diver’s achievement of retrieving an egg from 45 feet deep has captivated the whole wide web.

It’s impossible to imagine what happens to this egg at 45 feet below the surface.

Mysteries of the deep sea

It’s hard to believe that, after all humanity has accomplished, so much of the oceans around our planet are still unknown.

We’ve sent robots to Mars, visited the Moon, and are about to make space travel available to the general public, but we’ve only mapped out around 20% of the ocean.

Then why have we only explored a small fraction of the ocean? There are a number of obstacles that have prevented humanity from venturing below the ocean’s depths.

The prominence, to start with.

It’s completely dark down there, so we can’t make out anything. Two, the temperature is well below freezing, and three, the pressure is simply too great for human beings to survive.

If you drop an egg from 45 feet, what will happen to it?

The diver learned this the hard way.And it’s just plain weird.

Work-Related Tools.

The diver tries to open the egg by taking it to the bottom, but he quickly finds that he lacks the strength to do it.

So he goes above ground to get a big underwater camera to use as a hacking tool.

The eggshell remains unharmed despite the crack.

If you crack an egg on land, the contents usually spill out all over the place, but if you do it 45 feet below the surface, the yolk stays put and the whites stay put.

The diver is surprised to observe that the cracked egg remains solid as it floats away like a strange new species of jellyfish.

The diver heads back down to check on his floating Jelly Fish-looking egg after shattering it underwater and returns to the surface, but someone else has already found it.

The fish rapidly ate the floating egg.

Little more than a few fragments of yolk remain by the time the diver returns to his egg.

That was an interesting experiment; for more of Shangerdanger’s brilliant work, be sure to visit his channel on YouTube.

Watch the video to find out what happens to this egg after it’s submerged in water!

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