This girl with Down syndrome dreamed of being in the center of attention since she was a child. Look what happened to her years later

Modern society is gradually turning its attention to people with special needs. We are also becoming more tolerant of people with unusual appearances, often accompanied by some form of disability.

This is no stranger to the world of fashion. Just a few days ago, the news about Beth Matthews, a 22-year-old Welshman, spread on the Internet.

She was born with Down syndrome, but still managed to fulfill her dream of signing a contract with the British advertising agency Zebedee.

The agency, which was founded five years ago, specializes in working with people with special needs.

But do not think that if a person has such a feature, he can immediately become a model. They, like other people, also have to pass the selection and show a strong personality and the ability to pose in front of the camera.

Zebedee spokeswoman Ella Singleton-Redmond spoke about working with Matthews.

‘We cast Beth and she was just amazing on camera. We need people who not only look good, but can also work on set in front of the camera.’Beth is what we need by all standards,’ Singleton-Redmond said.

The girl was delighted with this decision of the company. 19-year-old Ellie Holstein inspired her casting.

Ellie is a successful model who has been with Zebedee for several years, photographed for Vogue and worked with Gucci.

Bette Matthews turned out to be an organic and unusual model and quickly attracted the attention of advertisers, appearing in a number of shoots. She even advertised clothes for weddings.

‘We are all very proud of our Beth and her achievements. My daughter likes to be in the center of attention since childhood and is very goal oriented. Now she just blossomed,’ said the girl’s mother.

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