This boy was born with almost no brain. How is the boy living now after 9 years? You will be surprised (video)

9 years ago, a boy named Noah Wall was born in Britain.His birth stunned not only doctors, but the whole of Britain.

At first, the doctors asked the parents to have an abortion, because they assumed that the child would be born completely incompetent. But Shelly Wall’s mother refused.

‘I think if this option was offered to younger people, they would not be able to withstand the pressure and terminate the pregnancy.

We were already experienced parents, so we knew how to make our own decision. We are positive people and we wanted to give our son a chance to live’’ said the boy’s father, Rob, to the media, noting that before Noah appeared in the family, two daughters were already growing up.

After birth, the boy was diagnosed with spina bifida, his brain was almost completely missing, all of which was only 2 percent of the required norm.

Most recently, Noah and his parents visited the TV show Good Morning Britain, where the boy was called a real miracle.

After all, now the boy is very active, speaks well, learns to read and count, even attends surfing lessons.

Research has shown that a child’s brain has grown by 80 percent in 9 years. In other words, it turns out that the child miraculously ‘enlarged’ the brain.

‘Recent scans have shown that his brain is now almost fully functional, something doctors did not expect,’ said the British tabloid Good Morning Britain.

‘If his brain had been blocked, our son would probably have serious mental health issues, but as you can see, that’s not the case,’ Noah’s father told Good Morning Britain. Although the boy has a developmental delay.

9-year-old Noah lives life to the fullest and gradually improves his health. Not only did he recently appear on British television as a weather assistant, but he also underwent a successful operation that allowed him to get rid of a build-up of physiological fluid in his brain cavity.

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