Woman claims famous celebrity changed his phone number and disappeared after realizing he had gotten her pregnant.

How do you feel when a parent loses contact with their children?

Owen Wilson, well known for his appearances in The Zoolander, Shanghai Noon, and other Wes Anderson films, has reportedly retired from fatherhood.

His ex-girlfriend revealed the news by posting a photo of their daughter Lyla. Varunie Vongsvirates provided a surprising response when probed about Wilson’s relationship with the youngster.

Wilson has yet to meet his only child.

Wilson, according to Vongsvirates, never contacted her or Lyla. Their daughter recently turned three years old.

Vongsvirates told the Daily Mail in 2019 that she begged the star to be more involved in their daughter’s life.

It was a dramatic contrast to his other two older children, Robert and Finn, with whom he spends as much time as he can.

Vongsvirates, on the other hand, revealed that he has been assisting financially.

However, ‘involvement’ should go beyond simply providing resources in her opinion. She told The Daily Mail that Lyla needed a father figure.

She also noted the absurdity that Wilson appeared to be obtaining father roles yet had never visited his daughter in three years.

Wilson’s latest film, Secret Headquarters, will see him portray both a father and a superhero.

They were together for five years.

She also noted the irony that Wilson, although being the father of three Wilsons, was never present.

It was also alleged that he clicked the ‘no visitation’ box in court and was not interested in any type of custody arrangement. Vongsvirates were also said to have given birth alone.

Wilson was apparently ‘thrilled’ when the news about Lyla first surfaced. According to his party, ‘he will complete all of his commitments to support his child.’

It was a unique story in comparison to his previous children.

Robert was born to Wilson’s ex-girlfriend Jade Duell. He subsequently began dating his fitness coach Caroline Lindqvist, who later became Finn’s mother.

He is now thriving in his role as Mobius M. Mobius in Marvel’s Loki. A time-police who chases after time-criminals. He will also co-star with Jennifer Lopez in the 2022 romantic comedy Marry Me.

Meanwhile, Vongsvirates posts her daughter’s developmental milestones on social media.

People in her Instagram comments chastised the actor for ‘taking the easy way out’ when it came to child support.

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