This 68 years old man tried to create an image by walking on snow for several hours. See the result(video)

The brush lies at his feet. His medium is snow, sometimes sand.

The outdoor enthusiast and cartographer produce amazing large-scale geometric designs when these factors come together.

In order to create complicated designs and 3D effects that can only be completely appreciated from above, Beck utilizes his feet inside snowshoes, a ski pole, and other instruments like ropes and anchors to draw lines, circles, and triangles into the snow or sand over enormous areas of ground.

They resemble crop circles and have the transience of mandalas. If Mother Nature decides it’s so, several hours of work spread across several days can all be changed or completely erased in an instance.

On paper, he counts one millimeter as one step on the ground.

Then Beck departs for various locations around the world, such as lonely mountain ranges or snow-covered sports fields, to create his magnificent works of art.

Beck claims that he stumbled into this level of brilliance.

‘It happened mostly by coincidence.» I did a few sketches for fun, but with no digital camera and no internet access, it took a while before I realized no one else was doing anything comparable, and it had seemingly not been done before.

‘In 2009, I decided to take it seriously and make it my primary form of winter exercise (replacing training for competitive orienteering), and to prioritize snow drawing over skiing when conditions were favorable,’ he told My Modern Met.

Beck believes his training as a geographer helped him learn to use a magnetic compass accurately and to calculate distance by counting his strides.

It also got him used to spending hours just walking.

If he makes a mistake, Beck says he just improves and changes up his design. He also uses his art to make political statements from time to time.

Among those pieces is the Sierpinsky triangle he and his companions created in Brean Down, off the coast of Somerset, England.

‘Of course, the impermanence means that a professional cannot come over and shoot photos and then sell them, so people must come to me to obtain their photos.’

If one took it seriously, they would trash the drawing once they had their own images.’I wouldn’t do that, but if someone tried to steal my work by taking his own images and profiting from my efforts, I might consider it,’ he says.

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