This girl was born without arms, but she can play the cello, eat with chopsticks and live life to the fullest! See what she says about it

20 years ago, Inga was born, she was born without upper limbs, and because of this, her parents left her in the maternity hospital.

The baby lived in an orphanage for some time, but despite such a difficult beginning of life, luck smiled on her.

At the age of two and a half, the girl was adopted by a family from America, from the state of Pennsylvania.

Daniel and Jennifer Petri tried to do everything so that Inga grew up happy and self-confident. But, unfortunately, time was lost, and it was already impossible to put prostheses on her.

But, to everyone’s surprise, he learned to do all the household processes with the help of his feet.

Inga gradually learned to cope, first it was a fork, then a toothbrush, makeup brushes, then the girl mastered the computer keyboard, she also knows how to write, play the cello and even drive a car.

Inga admits that it would not be very convenient for her with prosthetics, it is much more convenient to perform all actions with her feet.

At the moment, the girl is studying in the state of Atlanta, she wants to become a lawyer.

In addition, Inga is very cheerful and open, she has many friends, she even has a lovely personality. The guy fully accepts his beloved as she is and always supports him.

She does not want to remember her biological parents, although the adoptive parents once tried to find her daughter’s mother.

Inga believes that her real family is in the states, they are the ones who raised her and gave her everything to make her happy.

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