Dick Van Dyke has experienced some challenging circumstances throughout his life. However, the actor now seems to be in a good place because of his contented marriage years later

Dick Van Dyke, who starred in ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang,’ has established a successful career in the entertainment business over many years.

The idol is undoubtedly one of the most talented actors, singers, dancers, and comedians to have ever graced Hollywood, as evidenced by his numerous honors.

Dick is currently enjoying his best life as a spouse and parent out of the spotlight. He is blissfully wed to Arlene Silver, and the two have been in love for many years.

But before Silver entered Dick’s life, the actor was wed to Margie Willett, his first wife. In a little Illinois hamlet, Dick and Willett had grown up together, but their romance did not start until 1945.

The actor was only 20 years old at the time and had no money. Before being married on an ABC program called ‘Bride and Groom’ in 1948, the couple dated for three years.

Four children—Christian Van Dyke, Barry Van Dyke, Stacy Van Dyke, and Carrie Van Dyke—would be born to Dick and Willet after their marriage. The sextet lived contentedly together as a family for the following several years.

Things started to alter, though, when Dick started opening up to Michelle Triola, his agent’s secretary, about his battles with alcoholism and Willett’s drug addiction.

The two became closer over time, and their friendship eventually became amorous. By 1976, Dick told his wife about his liaison with Triola, breaking Willett’s heart.

The actor’s adultery had a serious impact on his marriage and brought it to an end. Dick and Willett divorced in 1984, ending their 36-year union. The legendary actor continued to date Triola after his disastrous marriage to Willett.

Triola, in contrast to Willett, seemed ‘clever and fierce’ to the ‘Mary Poppins’ star. Dick and Triola remained in love for years, during which time they talked about getting married and spending the rest of their lives together.

That big day, however, never arrived for the couple until their love came to an end as a result of Triola’s untimely passing.

In 2009, she received a lung cancer diagnosis, and she passed away later that year after spending her final days in a coma.

Dick Van Dyke Regains Love

Dick never imagined falling in love again following a broken marriage and the passing of his longtime partner.

He was granted a second chance at love with makeup artist Arlene Silver, yet life had other ideas for him.

In fact, he hopes to live up to 100 years as a working actor with Silver’s love and unwavering support. The famous actor is currently waiting for his next project.

At the Screen Actors Guild Awards in 2007, the two initially ran into each other. Silver was there as a makeup artist while Dick was there to present his co-star, Julie Andrews, with a lifetime achievement award.

She just so happened to be in charge of the actor’s makeup that night, and as she was powdering Dick’s nose, she struck up a discussion. Later on, the two would begin dating, and they were a match made in heaven.

Silver, who was 46 years younger than the actor, was more concerned with how she felt about Dick, whom she thought was magnificent and flawless, than with what other people would think.

Despite his steadfast devotion to Dick, Silver persisted in damaging the public’s perception of the makeup artist and their relationship.

The star of ‘Diagnosis: Murder’ expressed his concern for fans’ perception of Silver as a gold-digger in an interview from March 2022. He said (according to the New York Post):

I anticipated a backlash over a gold digger being married to an elderly man, but nobody ever did.

The couple continues to be evidence that age is simply a number when it comes to love years after their relationship first started.

Having a lovely and kind woman at his side after everything he has been through, Dick could not be happier. Silver is what he views as a gift from above. As said by the comedian:

‘She is really nice, a fantastic cook, and a patient person. She has granted me a third life, and I am giddy with delight about it.’

Silver, meantime, plays an important role in Dick’s life as well as the lives of his children and grandkids.

The cosmetics artist previously uploaded a photo of herself with her man’s children and grandchildren. It was unquestionably a beautiful sight.

When Silver wed Dick in 2012, she officially entered into their lives. The couple has been together for ten years and still seems to be going strong.

Nevertheless, even if it can seem like they are deeply in love, there was a period when Silver had his doubts. Silver admitted once.

There is no way this could ever work, I reasoned.
For the pair, everything did, however, turn out well.

Dick and Silver will mark 11 years of blissful marriage in February 2023. Hopefully, they stick together up to that point and afterwards.

Dick Van Dyke’s Recent Years: Inside Even though Dick is 96 years old, Silver doesn’t give a damn about his age.

They peacefully cohabitate and enjoy pleasurable activities like singing and dancing, she claimed in an interview with HuffPost.

Silver’s ultimate goal is to make her spouse as content as he is with her. The makeup artist claims:

‘I make an effort to look after and please him. I merely feel that his happiness is increased by my presence. I adore taking care of him and cooking for him.’

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