Ana de Armas asked Marilyn Monroe for permission to play her in the film. See how

Marilyn Monroe passed away 60 years ago, but still remains one of the most discussed and mysterious characters in Hollywood.

The boys never stop presenting in the image of pop-day, and films about Monroe’s life are still of interest to the public.

And while everyone is admiring the performance of the actress, who was able to portray the character of Marilyn Monroe so accurately, Ana de Armas herself, is not the first time that she tells the strange details of the filming, from which you can cringe.

Not long ago, she admitted that she felt the pop star’s ‘presence’ on the set, and yesterday she revealed another secret that, according to her, helped her cope with this role.

Ana de Armas said in a recent interview that she had to do a lot of work before starting filming. And in addition to the fact that the actress worked diligently for a year in practical preparation for the role, she also resorted to less traditional ideas.

It turns out that Ana went to Marilyn Monroe’s grave with the film crew.’ Each of us wrote our own appeal to Merlin, and then we went to the cemetery and placed the note on her grave.

Somehow we wanted to ask her permission to shoot the film. Everyone felt a lot of responsibility and we were very conscious of the side of the story we were going to tell.

The story of Norma Jean (real name: Marilyn Monroe), the person behind the image of Monroe and who she really was,’ admitted Ana de Armas.

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