At her wedding, the father makes a memorable request of the daughter to dance with him one final time.

It’s kind of your job as a father to take on more than you can do in order to amaze your kids and create enduring experiences that strengthen your relationship.

This father did precisely that when he made the decision to ask his daughter to do a father-daughter dance mashup during her wedding.

Did I mention that while his daughter is a trained dancer, he is not? He was unaffected by two left feet.

He deserves praise for being such a nice sport.He had anticipated it from the start.

After Ken’s daughter became engaged to her fiancé, he and his son Nathaniel started creating a cell phone video recording.

The call from Natalie, his daughter, who has some joyful news to share with her father and brother, begins the film.

Natalie excitedly told her father about the romantic proposal when she contacted him to share the good news, but little did she realize that Peyton had already sought her father for approval weeks earlier.

Ken then had a hilarious thought. What if he requested that his daughter do a unique father-daughter mashup dance during the reception?

After all, she was a skilled dancer who had been performing since she was two years old.There was one little detail.Ken is much better at fixing cars than dancing.

But knowing how much it would mean to his daughter, Ken chose to move forward with the idea even though he realized it might be a little awkward for him.

On the big day, they recorded everything as the anxious father prepared to dance with his daughter.

They begin by dancing together to a soft song before Ken dons his shades and they switch to a country-pop song.

Ken neglects the custom.

The dancing move’s sequence immediately vanished from Ken’s recollection. He is not to fault, though.

Nothing can temporarily impair memory like the strain of a crowd.

Ken fully commits.

Ken is giving it everything he’s got in this video, but dancing isn’t really his strong suit.

What does it matter if he forgets the routine right away? The recovery was expertly executed by him.

The father-daughter group dances to a variety of well-known songs, including ‘Apache(Jump On It)’ by Sugar Hill Gang, ‘September’ by Earth, Wind & Fire, and ‘Single Ladies(Put a Ring on It)’ by Beyonce.

None were aware.Even Ken’s wife was completely unprepared for the dance.

He reveals in the YouTube post that everyone else was kept in the dark on the father-daughter dance except from Ken and Natalie:

‘We chose the music together, I mixed it, and she choreographed the dance, making it simple enough for me to perform.

The result was the biggest surprise ever! Nobody, not even my wife, knew! In a portion of the caption, Ken states.

Watch the video below to see this father-daughter duo do a spectacular wedding dance mashup!

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