Cute first-grader dances joyfully on his first day of school.

‘Everyone would like me if I had 100 billion likes, and they would visit my home. And then we’re going to have a pool party when they arrive to my house.’ He clearly has his priorities in order.

Spending time with their new pals, purchasing new school supplies, and loitering for half a day outside their house were all highlights.

The intensity of that excitement was raised dramatically by Preston Jones Jr.

He brought his dancing skills.

Jones Jr. demonstrated how to make an entrance to parents and teachers on the first day of classes at his school in Horn Lake, Mississippi.

The volunteer Amazon employees lined the pavement in front of the school were fired up as he approached the entrance.

Jones Jr. shuffled rather than walking.

He navigated the greeters, who gave him high fives, with flamboyant and fancy footwork. Even one of them danced along with his excitement.

He continued dancing after passing the greeters and entered the school through the main entrance.

‘Just incredibly excited,’ he said.

He definitely demonstrated to the crowd that he was more than prepared to face the first day of school by carrying his new rucksack and wearing new sneakers.

‘I was so excited. I felt great,’ the kindergarten student told WREG.The teachers at the school were overjoyed to witness such a great outpouring of excitement.

It only serves to remind us of our purpose. We want our children to enjoy attending school. Horn Lake Elementary’s Carrie Speck, the principal, stated. We want them to be joyful and enthusiastic.

A shining example of optimism Jones Jr. has always been this ray of hope, according to his parents as well.

His mother also told the news organization that the world needs more optimism and that she was happy that her dancing kid was the one who delivered it.

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