The touching 40-year love story of Phil Donahue and Marlo Thomas is revealed within. Together, they’ve gone through a lot.

Phil Donahue and actress Marlo Thomas have been husband and wife since 1980. They have been together for 42 years as of this year.

They are really proud of their marriage, which has already been discussed in a few interviews and press articles. Given how adorable the two are, I scarcely blame anyone.

It was truly love at first sight when they first met. Marlo made an appearance on the Donahue-hosted program.

A positive meeting, I might add. Marlo said on the program that she thought Phil was ‘kind’ and ‘giving’ before adding, ‘Whoever is the woman in your life is extremely blessed,’ to his face.

To use very strong terms to describe the person who is seated next to you is rather audacious.

She was obviously in love with him. That is not something you would say to a friend-seeking acquaintance.

And those encounters on that program were the catalyst for the couple’s long-lasting love and marriage.

Now that they have been together for more than 40 years, they are sharing everything they have discovered.

Contrary to popular belief, Marlo had never planned to get married. I assume she had a lifelong view on it before she met the proper person.

Yet this was not a straightforward husband-and-wife relationship. Donahue had custody of 4 of the 5 children he had from a previous marriage.

Thomas would so, in a sense, marry into a family. Marrying someone who has children could be very unsettling. What happens if they dislike you?

The trust and support of your partner was one piece of advise that the duo hammered home.

It may even make you say, ‘Well, obviously,’ but in reality, it’s not as easy to do as it seems. Although it requires a lot of heart and work, it is worthwhile.

Additionally, you must trust your spouse to have your back in a marriage. He’s going to be everything to me and be my security blanket in life, so this is the safest place I can be. Thomas said

The challenge of marriage is one you should meet head-on. Every married couple talks about the hardships and sacrifices that come with marriage.

In their book, ‘What Makes A Marriage Last,’ the couple detailed all of their insights and counsel. You can’t say they aren’t subject matter experts because they are really proud of their job.

Be with someone who can help you overcome obstacles that you can’t do on your alone, they advise. Be that person for them as well.

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