The woman discovered a secret room with a window in the closet. Look what she found there

The Canadian resident inspected the new house with her parents before buying it and found a huge secret room with a window hidden in the back wall of the closet. This is reported by Newsweek.

TikTok user Ava Headrick (@avaheadrick) viewed a house in Sault Ste., Ontario. East of the city of Marie.

She looked in the bedroom closet and found a large space with clothes racks. One of the three walls was open and led to a long corridor.

There were shelves on both sides of the hallway and there was a window in the room.

The woman posted the video on her page. The post has garnered 1.5 million views since it was published.

‘Watched the house because my parents like to move for some reason and oh my god… I fell in love,’ she wrote in the video’s commentary.

Hedrick emphasized that ‘this is the most wonderful thing she has seen in her life.’

‘It looks like an ordinary closet, but it’s actually a dream closet. It is practically a whole house with windows,’ said the author of the video. In the comments, he shared the location of the house.

Many commentators are fascinated by the woman’s secret space. They compared what they saw with examples from different TV shows and movies.

‘This is Narnia passage,’ wrote one of them. ‘I think this room is bigger than my apartment,’ said another user.

‘The closet is bigger than the bedroom,’emphasized the author of another comment.

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