‘Is this possible?’ What do 6-year-old twin girls whose parents have different skin colors look like?

The story of this couple began with a chance meeting in an ordinary bar. Hannah and Kyle started talking as if they had known each other for a long time.

After two months of romantic dating, the lovers decided to get married, and three months later the girl learned about her interesting condition.

Many people paid attention to the bright couple and guess what their children will look like, like a dark-skinned father or a light-skinned mother.

There was no surprise when the couple had twins, one just like their father and the other just like their mother.

Even during pregnancy, Hannah did not expect to have two children at once, especially since no one in the family had twins. However, in 2015, the couple became parents to two beautiful girls, Mila and Ana.

The children were born a little premature, weighing about two kilograms. By the way, from the first minute after their appearance, it became clear that they are very different, and this is rare.

Walking with the little ones, the new mother often met people who asked in bewilderment. Are they half sisters?

Hannah admits that she wouldn’t believe it either if it wasn’t in her family.

Sisters with different skin colors are already known in many countries, their photos have been published in various publications with an enviable regularity.

However, over time, interest in the girls faded, and they resemble each other less and less.

6-year-old beauties are cheerful and make their parents happy with new successes. It is impossible to say unequivocally who is more beautiful.And you can say? I am waiting for your comments, friends.

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