The heat was intolerable for the 95-year-old man who need aid. However, he was unprepared and surprised for the officers’ actions.

Fun as it may be in the summer, a high temperature can make outdoor activities unpleasant or even dangerous.

Those without air conditioning really struggled when the temperature hit 90 degrees in Fort Worth, Texas a few years ago.

One of these individuals, 95-year-old World War II veteran Julius Hatley, had no place to get out of the scorching sun. His failed AC left him sweltering in the heat.

He was trying his hardest to live independently, despite the fact that he was 95 years old.

For a while, Julius was able to take a break from the heat by resting in the cool of his porch’s shadow. Therefore, he decided to take action.

Hatley, 95, called the police in his hometown of Forth Worth, Texas because the heat was so unbearable that he could think of nothing else to do.

An officer named William Margolis stated to CBS News, ‘This wasn’t an ordinary 911 call.’ He said that the police had Hatley’s request, but it was low on their list of priorities.

Margolis and his companion Christopher Weir were still able to make a visit.

When Margolis and his team arrived at the man’s home at 8:30 a.m., the temperature was already in the high eighties. It can get really warm in Texas.

Both the central air conditioner and the window unit in Hatley’s apartment were broken, leaving the man to swelter in the heat without any relief.

This was something that Margolis and Weir discovered right away.There was no instant answer from the two men, but they assured Hatley that they would find one.

However, it didn’t take long for Margolis to realize he couldn’t get the poor old man out of his mind, so he asked Weir to take a detour to Home Depot so they could buy Hatley a new air conditioner.

Nonetheless, the generosity didn’t end there.

Officers went shopping with Hatley and explained the problem to the staff at Home Depot, then asked for recommendations on which products would work best for him.

Employees at Home Depot, moved by the men’s initiative to pay for the air conditioner themselves, chip in $150.

To assist with the installation, Margolis and Weir enlisted the aid of fellow police officer Steven Robrovich. Now they were really getting going.

A quote from Margolis: ‘[Hatley] was actually pretty excited. He had previously told us that he would dial 911 if he ever needed assistance, so he was ecstatic to learn that we were able to provide it.’

The officers’ good deed earned them a fair bit of attention— as well as additional help for Hatley. Jen Weir, Weir’s wife, informed the media,

Since [this was] reported, many of us have pushed to have his central air system replaced at no cost to him. We’re trying to replace his windows, paint his house, and supply him with weekly groceries.

The incredible video below!

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