This adorable young boy has some very valid reasons for not wanting to get married. Video

This amusing little child is opposed to marriage for a variety of reasons. I enjoy observing children interact with their surroundings.

Children genuinely see the world through entirely different lenses than adults. They are full of curiosity and innocence.

It’s a quality that many of us wish we still have today. When you try to talk to kids about ‘grown-up’ issues, you’re usually in for an entertaining session.

That’s exactly what occurred when this father asked his toddler whether he wanted to be married.

‘Are you serious?!?’’I’d be afraid,’ the youngster told his father. They go on to talk about having children and being a guardian, but this tot isn’t interested in marriage.

When his father pressed him for a specific reason, his response had me rolling. ‘Well…because I don’t want to kiss anyone,’ the toddler explained.

According to this outspoken child, spit can occasionally come in the way of a kiss.

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