A surprising and thought provoking discovery. Who really sank the Titanic?

There are various theories about the sinking of the ‘Titanic’ ship, although the most famous of them is that the ship collided with a huge iceberg, as a result of which it sank, but recently, historians have found a new culprit for the ship’s destruction. Who is she.

A mummy was kept in the British Museum in London, which was covered with a huge lid with the image of a woman.

The woman on that cover is known as the ‘Mummy of Failure’ because she destroyed the destinies of all people who ever came in contact with her, and it was this mummy who appeared on board the ship during the voyage of the Titanic and, according to a new version, this even sank the fate of the ship.

It all started when a certain journalist William Stead published an article stating that the ‘Mummy of Failure’ was floating on the Titanic when he was also sailing on the Titanic.

Once, while smoking with the employees in the smokehouse, the members of the crew of the ‘Titanic’ told the journalist that they had to transport a mummy, which was being returned to the London museum, but whose transport ship had sunk, and the debt of transporting it remained on the ‘Titanic’.

The ‘Mummy of Failure’ managed to destroy the ‘Titanic’ after this conversation, but the journalist William Stead also managed to publish this story.

During the 1860s and 1870s, the famous grave robber Thomas Douglas Murray and his friends managed to steal this mummy and decided to sell it.

However, something surprising happened.Murray simply got lost in the desert, and his other friends either fell victim to an accident or died of some serious illness.

As a result, the mummy ended up with the sister of one of the travelers, who decided to keep it at home.

However, it turned out that the members of the woman’s household began to die one by one, and in 1889 she donated the mummy to the London Museum.

However, the donation did not dampen the flow of horror stories about the mummy. Even the famous Life magazine decided to release an issue entirely dedicated to the ‘Mummy of Failure’, which included horror stories related to the mummy.

Today, the mummy at the center of stories, which according to many historians was the one that destroyed the ‘Titanic’, is still in the London museum.

Interestingly, even today, visitors avoid it at all costs, fearing its terrible curses.

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