The family of a man with Down syndrome is seeking answers after he was allegedly fired from his work of more than two decades.

Dennis Peek, of Gaston County, North Carolina, has reportedly worked at a nearby Wendy’s for more than 20 years.

According to his relatives, he had intended to retire shortly but was fired from his job before he could.

The cause? He was sacked, according to his family, by Wendy’s because ‘he wasn’t able to accomplish his work like a regular person.’

Additionally, according to Dennis’s family, he was fired without giving him any kind of warning.

‘I’m out here because I need to be his voice for the way he was abused,’ his sister Cona Turner said.

Turner continued by mentioning that her brother had worked at the same Wendy’s for close to 22 years.

She claimed, ‘I questioned why, and I was informed that he could not carry out his obligations.

Tragically, she and the rest of her family are unsure of how to tell Dennis that he is unable to continue working at Wendy’s.

But there might still be hope.

According to sources, Turner attracted a lot of attention for a social media post in which she vented her displeasure.

The Wendy’s in question is owned and operated by Carolina Restaurant Group, and she later received a call from them informing her that Dennis might be given his job back the following week.

Carolina Restaurant Group made the following remark in a statement: ‘We are devoted to fostering an environment that is friendly and inclusive for both our customers and employees.

We are in touch with the employee’s family and are eager to have him return to work at the restaurant.This was an unfortunate error and a breach in protocol.’

Meanwhile, Dennis is still clueless of what is happening all around him. He’s put in more than 20 years of diligent labor and is now looking forward to retiring.

According to WSOC, Dennis’s family is undecided on whether to throw him an early retirement party or allow him to return to his previous position.

What a sad predicament for Dennis to be in after all those years of devotion. We at Newsner hope that the situation can be resolved in a way that enables him to enjoy a happy retirement.

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