You will be surprised and excited to know why this 8-year-old boy is growing his hair. This story will warm your heart

Thomas Moore managed to change the lives of three children.

At 8 years old, this boy has a huge, kind heart. One day he watched a TV show showing a girl who had lost her hair due to an illness.

And since then, Thomas has not cut an inch of his hair.He decided that he would specially grow it to create fakes.

Two years later, Thomas donated his hair for fakes to children who had gone bald after chemotherapy.

This act of Thomas was appreciated by his relatives. The aunt recorded the entire process and then shared it on Twitter.

The photo shows Thomas with long and then short hair. ‘My cousin let his hair grow for two years to donate it to other children with cancer,’ wrote the boy’s aunt.

This beautiful story has been shared on all networks. Commenting on this publication, many admired such a noble act of the young hero.

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