An old woman was stranded and appeared to be alone in her struggle…until some heroes arrived.

The woman was a local senior citizen who had taken her scooter outside to go grocery shopping.

When a storm hit the center of her Florida town, she was walking back to the retirement community with her groceries.

The situation was then made worse when her electric scooter completely malfunctioned.

Fortunately, the correct individuals were passing by and were able to turn things around for her. When they noticed her struggling, four young men jumped out of their car to assist her.

These four guys hauled the woman and all her things up hills and through the storm for the full trip back to her house, never complaining. Who knows how the woman would have fared if they hadn’t arrived!

“Considering how calm my area is, I was taken aback to hear ruckus, laughter, and four people pulling one of my woman residents during a strong hurricane in Florida…

She was being pushed up the steep slope toward her house. Despite the bad weather, these guys were totally committed to assisting, and they even covered her with an umbrella to demonstrate their care.

Later, she wrote about the entire exchange on the neighborhood-focused app Nextdoor.

The men appeared to be young, but it turned out that they worked for an adventure park. On their behalf, their employer spoke.

When they saw the woman, JohnMorgan Massa, who was with them as they left for the day, recalled their emotions as follows:

“Despite the fact that we were worn out, dirty, and eager to get back to the hotel, we were positive that our long day had been nothing compared to the one this woman was experiencing.

To keep her hair dry, she was actually wearing a plastic bag on her head. We were aware that we couldn’t abandon her as she desperately tried to fix her scooter while standing in the middle of the road in the pouring rain.

The men escorted the elderly woman for a total distance of around three-quarters of a mile.

To push a scooter that far in the rain is challenging. But the workers didn’t voice any complaints. They were aware that they had to return this woman home safely.

However, the road wasn’t simple.

Massa discusses the following difficulties encountered while climbing hills with WKMG News 6:

‘The motor kept shorting out, and the tires on the back were also flat. Every ten or so feet or so, we had to stop, try to put the motor in neutral, and continue pushing since it kept trying to halt the wheels.’

The boys who made the extra effort to assist the elderly woman didn’t give it much thought.

Their story gained popularity after Katty Castro posted about them on Nextdoor. They are not fully comfortable with their hero status and were unprepared for the attention.

These men assumed that neighbors would look out for one another. In reality, Massa believes that this deed of kindness is one of the many modest yet significant things that we can all do for those around us.

He said to Fox News

‘Almost everyone can do things like hold a door open, smile, pick up someone else’s spilled groceries, reach for something on the top shelf of the grocery store, and, yes, assist someone whose electric wheelchair broke down in the rain.’

To understand more about this charming tale, watch the video below!

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