Greatness itself. Frederick the Great is the most beautiful horse on the planet

Frederick belongs to the Friesian horse breed.They are notable for having incredibly shiny skin with a rich black color.

Pay attention to the tail and hair. It is wonderful and the only one.This breed comes from the Netherlands.

But in the past, his ancestors were scattered throughout Western Europe.

They are suitable not only for exhibitions, but also for competitions, they are also ridden.

Friesians are incredibly intelligent and easy to train.Frederick has been called the most beautiful horse in the world and you can understand why.

Especially everyone pays attention to his skin. And you really just want to pet him.

An attractive sight, because this horse, in addition to everything, is also very graceful.

He has many awards that he has received not only because of his appearance but also competed in various competitions.

An incredible, beautiful, graceful horse.

Photographer Motherly Kelly was so impressed by the horse’s beauty that he took many of the photos we’re seeing now, and they’ve been scattered all over the Internet.

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