In her stepfather’s last moments, Sarah Jessica Parker rushes to be by his side.

Sarah Jessica Parker is back in the spotlight with the release of the long-awaited Hocus Pocus 2.

The Sex and the City star was joined to the premiere by her long-term boyfriend, fellow actor Matthew Broderick.

Their two daughters made a rare public appearance with the couple by joining them.

Parker was recently forced to miss her next Hollywood engagement, the New York City Ballet’s 10th annual Fall Fashion Gala, due to some concerning news.

During the ceremony, sources said that Parker, who was supposed to be an honoree, was called away due to a family emergency.

There were no further information provided, leaving many fans and colleagues concerned and perplexed.

Parker was later said to have gone to her stepfather’s side in his final moments.

Sarah Jessica Parker’s parents split when she was two years old. Barbara Parker, her mother, shortly remarried.

Her second husband was Paul Forste, whom she met at an Ohio regional theater production of ‘Once Upon a Mattress.’

Barbara was a teacher, and Paul was a truck driver. For amusement, they took on the roles of Lady Larken and Sir Harry. They instantly fell in love.

Parker was three years old when her mother and Paul married. After their marriage, the entire family relocated from a coal-mining community in Ohio to Cincinnati. Barbara left her teaching career to raise the blended family of eight children.

Parker’s family struggled financially throughout his childhood since there were so many mouths to feed.

The actress has stated on numerous occasions that her family’s poverty did not come with fear about being fed, but rather worry about how much her parents were agonizing each night.

At times, the family was forced to miss birthdays and Christmas. Lights and phones could be switched off if bills were not paid on time.

Despite this, Parker and her siblings were able to establish strong work ethics and motivation as a result of the difficulties they seen their parents face.

‘It sounds ridiculous, but I’m glad for everything right now.’

Poverty also produced a sense of familial respect and intimacy. That is why Parker was unable to attend the Fall Fashion Gala on September 28th.

Parker and her family issued a statement on Paul’s death the following Thursday: ‘Our family is heartbroken to report that after an unexpected and fast illness, Paul Giffin Forste died away yesterday at the age of 76.’

The family statement went on to say that everyone would remember Paul’s compassionate and gentle demeanor, his unending faith, his love for his 13 grandchildren, and his determination to constantly make the world a better place for all.

‘In his final moments, he was surrounded by the love and gratitude of his adored wife Barbara of 54 years, and children, including Sarah Jessica Parker,’ according to the family.

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