Your will be amazed when you see the entire wedding party perform an incredible Irish dance during the reception.

Mother-son dances and father-daughter dances are traditional at weddings, but you won’t believe it when you see it.Don’t be duped by this wedding party! They are experts in their field.

The wedding party includes some, if not the entire, Irish Fusion Fighters. The dancers’ initial goal was to preserve Irish traditions.

They are a committed group who enjoy fusing this distinctive technique with contemporary dance. Everyone around them wants to tap, jump, and

dance along with them as a result. The bridal party was no different.

The bridal party, including the bride, her groom, and the entire group, started dancing as the audience applauded them.

Everyone had to get out their phones to record at least one video of this incredible event! The video has now gained popularity and been given the moniker ‘Lord of the Dance Wedding.’ Rightfully so.

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