A man performs piano to an 80-year-old blind elephant, and the results are stunning.

Paul Barton is a Yorkshire-born pianist who has swapped the dales and concert halls for the jungles of Thailand, where he performs for blind and disabled elephants.

Paul Barton’s Biography

Paul is a regular for the elephants. He wishes to provide peace and comfort to these lovely creatures that have frequently had difficult lives.

Slow music, he discovers, can quiet belligerent male elephants, while soothing music can bring serenity and comfort to blind elephants.

It’s difficult to read Paul’s life story and not feel that yours is quite average in comparison! That would still be true if he had begun his career as a musician, but he didn’t.

He enrolled in the Royal Academy of Art at the age of sixteen. He won various student competitions in portrait drawing and painting, and he was granted The Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation prize when he graduated.

Exhibitions at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition and the Royal Society of Portrait Painters were granted to him.

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