A heartwarming reaction was shown by an adopted boy who has never celebrated his birthday when he saw the surprise that was prepared for him.

We frequently fail to remember to pause for a moment and be grateful for everything that has been bestowed upon us.

Things like having the ability to eat three times a day, having new clothes, and having the latest and greatest technology are examples of things that we frequently take for granted.

Abraham and his older brother, James, thought they had arrived in a “second heaven” when Joe and Jamie Walker halted as they arrived at their house

After going through this, you will finally arrive to the main paradise. Abraham confirmed this to CBS News, stating his belief that this is the case.

You may be forgiven for wondering why a young man would consider a simple dwelling to be a second heaven.

You won’t be able to find the words to express how the story of Abraham and James will make you feel and it will almost certainly cause you to cry.

These young men had a difficult beginning to their lives. They had come from Sierra Leone and were currently living on the streets.

The neighborhood orphanage took them in and provided them with a place to stay; after some time had passed, Joe and Jamie Walker came face to face with the boys.

Because the couple did not want the brothers to grow up apart from one another, they decided to adopt them.

After the adoption paperwork was finalized in the fall of 2016, Joe and Jamie, along with Abraham and James, boarded a plane and headed to Charlotte, North Carolina.

The Walkers were filled with joy as they observed the surprise and excitement on the faces of their sons.

‘Every little thing that we take for granted – when I got home from the airport and pushed the button to open the front gate, my daughter yelled out to me,’ Dad!

Joe Walker chuckled when sharing his thoughts with CBS News.

Can you picture yourself without a home and without any possessions?

These young men are now part of a warm family in which they have access to many resources that they did not previously believe they would ever have.

‘Everything is magic in their eyes,’ he went on to say.

They never missed an opportunity to demonstrate how awestruck they were whenever something new was brought to their attention. Even something as basic as washing their car was like doing magic for them.

Abraham’s family decided to throw him a surprise party for his 12th birthday on May 20 of last year.

In the video that Jamie uploaded, she can be seen entering the room with an orange cake adorned with candles and reading his name, which is Abraham.

The young man shed some tears.

He was taken aback and at a loss for words after hearing the news. You could tell how thrilled he was by the tears that were falling from his eyes.

There was no tradition of celebrating people’s birthdays in Sierra Leone. In point of fact, the lads were uncertain as to when they had actually been born.

It was the first time he ever had a cake that was all his own. It was the very first time that he commemorated the occasion of his birthday.

‘I do not celebrate them at all. Abraham responded by saying, ‘I had no idea it was my birthday.’

Abraham raced over to his father, Joe, and gave him a bear embrace rather than blowing out the candles on the cake. Then he sprinted over to Jamie and gave her a bear embrace.

Abraham cried.

Everyone encouraged him to blow the candle out on his cake, and he eventually did so. After that, he repeated his previous action and ran back to his father to give him another embrace.

They all laughed at the young man since he had overlooked the opportunity to make a wish. Due to the fact that this was his very first experience, he was unaware that he was required to make a wish.

Abraham stated, ‘When I saw the cake, I felt that is the most beautiful thing I had ever seen.’ It’s not just a cake for your birthday. It’s meant to be a cake of blessings.’

What a beautiful name for something that is so normal for us to use that this young man came up with. Even more often than not, we fail to recognize the value of something as simple as a cake.

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