Donny Osmond dedicated a song to wife on their 40th wedding anniversary, and it melts everyone’s hearts.

In the 1970s, Donny was a matinee idol. Teenage girls would swoon over this young man’s brilliance and support him while he pursues a career in the entertainment industry.

‘Go Away, Little Girl’ and ‘Puppy Love’ are two songs that anyone of this generation would recognize. Donny Osmond was a popular adolescent idol, and his followers flocked to him in droves.

Of course, Donny was smitten with one particular girl named Debbie, regardless of how many swooning females there were.

He wed Debbie in 1978, and from that point on, they were inseparable.Both he and she remained deeply in love with each other long after their wedding.

Their 42nd wedding anniversary fell in 2020, at the height of the pandemic, so they can’t have a party or go to a concert to celebrate.

Going anywhere outside the house was already out of the question.

Donny and Debbie’s 42nd wedding anniversary celebration was a touching act in the face of the global flu problem.

Donny nevertheless managed to come up with a thoughtful and romantic method for the couple to celebrate their anniversary despite the fact that they couldn’t go out for a romantic dinner or spend the day doing the things they enjoy doing together.

On their 42nd wedding anniversary, the sweet guy wrote a post about it on Instagram.

He showed off pictures of the two of them from over the years and boasted to friends and family about the thoughtful present he had gotten for his wife.

‘I’m now working on a song about her. Honestly, I think this is the missing link in the puzzle that has been keeping me from finishing my new record. It’s stunning, exactly as she is,’ Donny penned.

In fact, he admitted at the end of his post that Debbie is the person who keeps him going each and every day.

What a lovely note!

He had already written an anticipatory anniversary post in which he discussed his relationship with Debbie and the forthcoming anniversary.

Finding a partner who loves you and wants to spend the rest of their lives with you is a daunting challenge. It’s not simple, but it’s not impossible, either.

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