An elderly guy crochets vitiligo dolls for children to help them feel better.

The discolored areas often get bigger with time. The sickness may have an effect on any area of skin on the body, as well as on the tongue and hair.

Melanin frequently regulates the color of skin and hair, and when melanin-producing cells are destroyed or stop functioning, vitiligo results.

Vitiligo affects people of all skin tones, however those with dark complexion may notice it more.

Vitiligo affects one Brazilian grandfather. While an adult like him can deal with it, he was also considering the children who also have the same skin issue.

As it turned out, this grandfather is an accomplished crocheter who specializes in creating dolls.

He came to the realization that his crocheting skills could benefit children who had Vitiligo.

He made the decision to crochet dolls with skin tones similar to those of vitiligo sufferers. And his works are receiving a variety of encouraging web reviews.

Joo Stanganelli Junior, 64, has suffered vitiligo for about fifty percent of his life.

It is neither contagious nor life-threatening to have vitiligo. However, it could make you anxious or uncomfortable.

He is mainly concerned about young vitiligo patients who think they have a health issue due of their appearance.

Stanganelli has more time now that he is semi-retired to crochet dolls to make kids feel better about their appearance.

In their spare time, he and his wife would sit and crochet lovely dolls with patches. The elderly man initially found crocheting difficult, but with time he grew accustomed to it.

He realized that he could make more of these dolls to make other children with Vitiligo feel better about how they look.Later on, he also created a doll in a wheelchair to represent kids with disabilities.

It has been a new hobby for a great cause and the elderly man is thrilled that he is able to do this for young children.

When he posted about his work online via Facebook and Instagram, his paintings garnered a lot of love and respect.

The elderly guy stated, ‘My perspective on vitiligo appears to be extremely different from the conventional view;

I think it is required first that you have vitiligo, and following this acceptance, you pick what you want to do.

What began as a straightforward hobby has evolved into something much more profound.

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