The man found the child and took him to the hospital. 20 years later there was a knock on the door

One evening while walking in the yard of his house, Constantine heard an unusual sound that resembled a child crying.It seemed to the man that some animal was in trouble and was asking for help.

The voice was coming from the garbage can, the Man was surprised when he finally found the source of the cry.

The little one stopped only when he found himself in the hands of his savior.Konstantin hastened to ask for help from the relevant authorities.

After 20 years, matured Anna learned the story of her life from her adoptive parents.

The girl decided that she must see her savior at any cost. Anna found Konstantin and turned to the already elderly man with words of gratitude.

The meeting of old acquaintances was captured on camera by local television workers. Anna hastened to appeal to all mothers urging them not to abandon their children.

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