You will smile after watching this 2-Year-Old Boy’s fantastic response to the skeleton puppy Halloween decorations.

A parent who was at Target purchasing Halloween decorations and toys posted this little video of his 2-year-old son’s reaction to ‘bone pups.’

When the young youngster spots several skeleton puppies among the Halloween decorations, he is holding balls in his hands.

In a joyful gesture, the youngster turns to his father and calls them ‘puppies.’ The youngster responds in a manner that is entirely appropriate for Halloween in reaction to what his father says…

The boy’s beautiful response made viewers smile, but they also reprimanded the father for using inappropriate language.

Words to use: Fake. Skeleton. Decorations, a viewer commented. He selected the word ‘dead.’

Another person commented, ‘Scarred for life,’ and added an emoji laughing. Another person added, ‘Life came at the boy hard and fast.’

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