It was a touching moment caught on camera as this deaf father signed to his deaf newborn child.

Baby Arrow was born only 25 weeks after conception.This adorable infant is a wonder in every way.And during her NICU stay, despite her preterm delivery, Arrow has been a warrior.

Arrow recently passed the hearing exam. Fortunately, Arrow is moving into a home where American Sign Language (ASL) is already used, as her father is also deaf.

When a child is introduced to an ASL-unfamiliar family, communication can be difficult, but Arrow will not have this problem.

Observe as the infant’s father gives her the kindest compliments while signing to her in the hospital.

He then tells Arrow that she is a gorgeous baby with wonderful green eyes. He also informs her that he is ‘Daddy’and that he adores her. This entire interaction was captured on camera, and it will induce tears.

I adore how Arrow never takes her eyes from her father during the entire scene. She is enthralled by their discourse.

This adorable infant has a long journey ahead of her, but she is clearly joining a loving and supportive home.

We are all praying for this infant as she nears the end of her NICU stay. You possess this Arrow!

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