Thanks to the efforts of a caring stylist, a young girl who tragically lost her hair while battling a brain tumor received a ‘jaw-dropping’ makeover. Just look at her

Thanks to the efforts of a sympathetic stylist, a young woman who tragically lost her hair while battling a brain tumor received a ‘jaw-dropping’ makeover.

Pixiebelle Sykes, 9, was born with long hair that earned her the nickname ‘Rapunzel,’but after three rounds of chemotherapy, her lush locks fell out and eventually became white.

But when hairdresser Terri Leanne Daly, 31, drastically changed the ‘lovely’young girl’s hairstyle in just 20 minutes for her aunt’s wedding, she couldn’t believe it.

And Pixiebelle claimed that her relatives and friends were similarly astounded by her amazing new look when she showed up for the ceremony a few days later.

‘I didn’t know what was going to happen until the very end, but I was very impressed with it when I saw it,’ she remarked.

Although I was quite anxious before the wedding, everyone’s mouths dropped when they saw me.

Pixiebelle’s mother Katie Sykes, 35, who brought her to the Manchester salon, didn’t anticipate that her short hair, which was only a few inches long, could be done.

However, she was moved to tears in a matter of minutes as the amazing trim, which was fashioned from multilayer extensions, unfurled before her.

Pixiebelle was pulling out all these bobbles and putting her hair in little ponytails,’Katie recalled. ‘My sister, who was the bride, was just sitting there watching with me.’

‘What is she doing?’ was my first thought. and after that, she went around the back and emerged carrying a large number of hair extensions.

And after that, we said, ‘Oh my gosh!’The hair then continued to grow, becoming more lovely by the second.

Everyone in the salon was sobbing, including my sister and I. I was genuinely surprised by what she said.

When Pixiebelle was five years old, Katie noticed she was losing vision in her right eye and went to the doctor. Pixiebelle was later found to have a tumor known as a pilocytic astrocytoma.

Since then, she has had four brain operations, 25 MRI scans, and four years of grueling chemotherapy. She has also lost three hairs.

And although the malignant growth shrank during the course of these treatments, it has tragically started to grow larger once they have stopped.

She is currently taking part in an unique trial to determine if a new drug could be able to treat her life-threatening condition.

Pixiebelle was given the nickname ‘Rapunzel’ because of her surprisingly long hair when she was born, according to Grtr. Manchester.

She hadn’t actually had it cut since birth, and because it was so long—longer than the typical five-year-hair—people old’s used to refer to her as Rapunzel.

It was really gorgeous, with natural highlights, and grew back as she underwent chemotherapy.

But then it fell out once more, and this time it was different since she was getting older and more conscious of what other people were thinking.

A few days prior to her sister’s wedding on August 27, Katie brought Pixiebelle to Terri’s Do or Dye hair salon to see if the stylists might assist her.

Terri, however, decided to use her exceptional talents to give the young girl a makeover she wouldn’t soon forget rather than just giving her a normal haircut.

Her hair was just two to three inches long, and Terri remarked that her roots were incredibly pale.

‘I don’t think you’ll be able to accomplish anything else, Pixiebelle had said. Try to make it appear as lovely as you can; perhaps add a plat across the front?

However, we specialize in extensions at the salon where we work. And I gathered them all in her hair after finding a lot of bits. ‘I loaded her hair up with tiny bobbles and barreled them so it resembled a wedding haircut.’

‘Everyone in the salon was visibly crying. It was just delightful.’

Pixiebelle, who was too low in her chair to view herself during the haircut, appeared “stunned,” according to Terri, when she looked at her hairstyle.

She remarked: ‘Her face immediately lit up as she turned around and saw herself. She was only dumbfounded.’

She didn’t really say much, but I told her to stop weeping because we were all crying because her mother and aunt were.

However, she was aware of her beauty, and it was incredibly pleasant and fulfilling.

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