The sisters were speaking how much they missed their deployed brother, completely unaware that he was standing just next to them. See the amazing reaction

Both Eden and Jordan Viles had to say farewell to their brother before he left for military service, and they had no idea when they would see him again.

Any time a loved one leaves the home, but especially when they’re headed to a combat zone, it can be difficult.

While sibling rivalry is natural and even healthy in some cases, the unconditional love and care between siblings is unbreakable.

Without their older brother’s guidance and protection, the Viles sisters found solace in their closeness to one another.

The two girls go to Winnetonka High School together and often hang out during lunch, which is where they were surprised with an unforgettable experience.

The sisters got everything ready to send their brother holiday greetings after learning that a news crew was visiting their school and encouraging pupils to send holiday greetings to members of the armed forces serving overseas.

They had no idea he was standing just behind them.

They were having a heartfelt conversation regarding Jordan’s absence from the family, and he quietly approached from behind, all set to say hello.

When asked how he was feeling about the reunion, Sgt. Komar remarked, “l’I believe butterflies captures it fairly perfectly.’ When he walked up to them, his smile revealed how thrilled he actually was.

The girls’ shock and joy upon seeing Dad again was evident.

Komar casually greeted the KMBC 9 interviewers with an arm around their shoulder and a ‘ Hey guys’ in the midst of their conversation.

It appeared to take both girls a few seconds to process what was happening before erupting into shrieks of joy and a bear embrace involving all three of them.

Standing arm in arm after the reunion, the two sisters talked about how great it was to have their older brother home for the holidays.

Although Sgt. Komar will have to return to active service at some point, for the time being the happy trio appeared to be taking full advantage of their good fortune.

It’s unclear if Bradley’s folks were in on the surprise or if they had any idea he was coming home early.

Check out this video of a touching reunion!

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