Dwayne Johnson honors a ‘real-life hero’ by surprising him and bringing him onto television.

The chance to shake hands with Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for most people, but charity superhero Yuri Williams got so much more than just a handshake.

When The Rock decided he wanted to do something special for him. Yuri Williams was surprised with a trip to New York City to see The Rock perform at the T-Mobile Arena.

To raise awareness for Yuri’s work and to add another suit to his costume collection, The Rock surprised Yuri on live TV.

brought him back to the Good Morning America studio, and gave him special tickets to see the premiere of Dwayne Johnson’s new movie, ‘Black Adam.’

The Rock is soon going to appear on the big screen as a superhero himself.Williams is only one man, but he can transform himself into a number of different heroes.

Deadpool, Spiderman, and The Mandalorian are all personas that he adopts in order to bring a smile to the faces of those who are in need of one, whether they be the homeless, sick children, elderly people, or veterans.

According to a report from the previous year that was published by GNN, his position at the forefront of fun has assisted his charity.

A Future Superhero and Friends, in organizing toy drives, blood drives, school supply giveaways, youth art fairs, and a great deal more, and they’ve done it in all fifty states.

A significant portion of his work consists of paying visits to youngsters who have special needs or who are afflicted with chronic illnesses.

We haven’t met yet, but Dwayne told Yuri on Good Morning America, ‘I’m actually really happy of you brother and the work that you do because I always like to say, this kind of stuff you’re doing, that’s the best part of fame.’

A big hug or a surprise present for a fan or idol are frequent features of The Rock’s contagious, larger-than-life attitude, which has contributed to his meteoric climb to stardom as Hollywood’s highest paid actor.

According to a January GNN report, The Rock gave the keys to his personal pickup truck to a fan and Navy veteran as a surprise.

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