The 70-year-old grandmother cleaned 52 beaches by herself. See what the main and very interesting reason for doing that is

A special woman, Pat Smith, won everyone over with her awareness and concern for the future of her descendants.

This 70-year-old British citizen cleaned 52 beaches in 2018 so that her grandchildren could live in a cleaner environment. And it certainly deserves respect.

Pat is a true environmentalist and fights plastic pollution in her area. It took her a week to clean each beach.

This woman is also an entrepreneur and the founder of an organization that fights against pollution and is committed to protecting the environment.

The company is called Last Straw Cornwall and is self-sufficient. Pat Smith managed to find like-minded people among other enterprises, as well as volunteers who are ready to fight for cleanliness.

Thus, a stable group was formed, which is joined by new team members every day.This woman is an incredible example.

Pat is very concerned about the damage we do to our water and land resources every day.She herself says that she feels a great responsibility for the future of her children and grandchildren.

Keen to make a lasting contribution to planet Earth, Pat traveled from one beach to another along the entire coast of Britain and showed by example that everyone has the power to change the world.

In her 70s, she showed extraordinary energy and endurance by cleaning the shore of tons of waste and plastic bottles.

Pat Smith has inspired many people and you can see on her blog how many volunteers she has been able to collect and join her fight against litter.

Her company destroys 85 tonnes of plastic thrown away in the UK every year.

But if you think about it, it takes almost 200 years for a single straw to decompose.The sad statistics also apply to plastic bags.

As you know, none of the bags we have created so far have broken down and continue to destroy the Earth and the oceans.

If everyone reduces consumption and uses resources correctly, we can all together prevent a global catastrophe. Let’s consume wisely, dispose properly and not litter where we live.

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