This is a new one that I have never heard of! An emotional support alligator helps an elderly man overcome sadness and anxiety

This is an original idea that has never occurred to me before! An old man’s battle with depression is eased by the presence of an emotional support alligator.

God’s ability to accomplish His will through the unlikeliest of His creatures is one of the many things that never fails to take us by surprise.

A man may be seen on a leash taking his pet alligator for a walk down the sidewalk that lines the roadway.

We observe the response that was given by a few kids in high school. One girl has her jaw dropped open. A young boy is startled and begins to feel afraid.

Joe Hanny is well knowledgeable about alligators. He demonstrates that this particular alligator is unique in comparison to others by conducting an interview on the front porch.

He does not bite. They have no idea why he won’t close his mouth when you put your hand in there, and they can’t figure out why he won’t.

Wally is the name of the alligator, and Joe took him in as a pet after it was determined that he needed to be retired but had nowhere else to go.

In Joe’s living room in Hershey, Pennsylvania, we find the alligator submerged in a bathtub. Chicken and Cheetos are two of Wally’s favorite foods.

Joe describes Wally as being his emotional support alligator in the conversation. Joe’s mental health declined as a result of the loss of loved ones.

Wally evolved into a more kind and reassuring person during the difficult time he was going through.

Joe relates a heartwarming story about falling asleep with Wally laying on his head and waking up with a paw print on his face.

The story is told in the context of Joe falling asleep. Wally is inseparable from Joe, accompanying him to the veterinarian, the amusement park, and even a wedding, when he served as the ring bearer.

According to Joe, the relationship he has with Wally has helped him greatly improve his depression.

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