The girl learned on her wedding day that her grandfather could not attend her wedding due to health problems. What she did will thrill and amaze you

Everything was ideal and done as Natalie Browning had wished.She was getting ready to tie the knot with her soul mate in a lovely ceremony.

On June 27, her wedding day, she was prepared to exchange vows. But the family got some distressing news the day before her wedding: her grandfather Nelson May had had a stroke.

The grandfather of the bride had a significant role in the wedding celebration. Because of the stroke, he would not be able to travel and attend the wedding, spoiling his plans to dance with his cherished granddaughter when she was wearing her wedding dress.

Natalie had been anticipating dancing with her grandfather just as much as he had. That is exactly what she would do, she decided.

The newlyweds took a flight from Virginia to Florida shortly after the wedding to visit her grandfather.

She prepared for her entrance at his door by packing her wedding dress and applying her makeup at the airport. In her grandfather’s living room, she intended to dance with him.

She posted a video of her precious moments with her grandfather and was shocked to discover thousands of people like it and were moved by the touching moment she shared with him.

The owner of a small firm gave a glimpse into her business philosophy: ‘I own a little jewelry business called Of Great Value that is focused on reminding people that they are highly valuable.’

‘I wanted my grandfather to know how much I value him since I’ve been working to live by that belief more in my own life.

And that the dance he desperately wanted to have with me was meaningful even though he couldn’t attend my wedding. We therefore made it happen.’

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