Kindness is on our side. The man on the subway made a child’s dream come true

Almost everyone spends most of their life in the subway, getting from one point to another. Moreover, in big cities like Moscow, New York, it can take several hours to get home from work.

But these are the realities of our world and people have to strictly adhere to them. Therefore, knowing how much time to spend on a trip, people have learned to occupy themselves during the trip.

Someone reads a book or a newspaper in the morning, someone tries to spend this time at work so that the report is better, and others sleep before work.

Everyone finds something to do in the subway. Most often, passengers do not communicate with each other, because it is somehow not accepted

Once they meet, they most likely won’t run into each other again. But there are still cases when contact begins, or rather, not contact, but simple contact.

It happened in the New York subway.The young man, traditionally, having reached his destination by car, enthusiastically pressed the phone.

At first he browsed the mail, but apparently got bored and decided to play games on his smartphone.

A 6-8 year old boy was sitting nearby, looking at the neighbor’s phone from time to time. The boy is curiously watching what is happening on the grown-up boy’s smartphone.

He moves his fingers quite quickly on the phone. The little boy, apparently, realizing that his neighbor can’t stand it, starts giving advice.

But most likely the boy can’t follow them and he did what not everyone could do. He handed the phone to the little passenger.

The boy enthusiastically started playing and his face lit up with joy and a smile. Really, who among us would give our phone to a complete stranger?

Especially in the metro, because there are quite often thefts and robberies.But apparently the guy is very brave and open to people because he believes in their sincerity and decency.

This case became known thanks to the passenger Kia Tatiana Davis, who noticed the boy’s curiosity and started filming this couple.

After coming home, he posted the footage on Facebook.They spread quite a bit on the internet and became popular.

It may not be the most generous gesture, but it is sweet and sincere.It turns out that even in ordinary things and trifles you can show your humanity and kindness.

We suggest you not to waste your time, but watch the video.

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