A Father and Daughter Share a Magical Dance at Disneyland to ‘Tale Old as Time’

Disney is a wonderful location where princesses, princes, and other recognizable heroes fill our youth.

The magic is increased when you get to go to Disney. They visited Disneyland to have a fun-filled day and make some memories, just as this adorable little family did.

Nothing compares to the joy of hopping from one ride to another or seeing your favorite Disney character. However, there is magic even in the stillness.

A stranger photographed a moment of peace and calm when a young child was clearly exhausted after her fantastic travels with her father and posted it online.

Her father is holding her while holding up the other as if she were his partner in a dance as ‘Tale As Old As Time’ is playing throughout the hotel. Her father is wearing a lovely pink dress. Witnessing these two dance was beautiful.

A caption for the video read, “When at Disney, it’s not always about fitting everything in. Because when you take your time, the beautiful moments will occur.

What a beautiful illustration of not only father-daughter interactions but also of how our heavenly father embraces us. The calm, small moments are undoubtedly when I feel his love the strongest.

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