A mother of three daughters bought a cabin and transformed it into a place that her daughters amazed by.

Briton Kiersey David Powell is a mother of three daughters. And when you have so many kids, and girls at that, every extra square inch in the house is worth its weight in gold.

In this article, we will talk about Kirtin’s surprise for his children.So in their home, there was a small storage cupboard under the stairs that Kirtsey’s husband used to store tools.

In other words, it was generally empty. Our heroine decided to turn this into a true beauty corner for her daughters.

Of course, the budget for this project was very limited, so Kirtsy and her husband decided to use the tools they had on hand and buy only a few supplies.

To begin with, the walls were cleaned and then painted white. After the renovation, they covered the floor with the remaining linoleum.

Kirti also hung a mirror, several shelves and a basket in the small room, in which her daughters will later store various hair accessories and cosmetics.

In addition, jewelry, hair dryers and hair irons, which girls ultimately need, were placed here.

There is a stool near the table for the girls to sit on when they need to beautify, and in the opposite corner they have placed a small soft armchair.

According to Kirtsey’s idea, another daughter can sit in this chair, waiting her turn.As for the husband’s tools, they were moved to the sarai. The girls appreciated their mother’s surprise.

By the way, users also spoke positively about this project. Many women confirmed that they dreamed of such a thing in their childhood, and one man even imagined how the girls would fight for this small room if they were scheduled to visit at the same time.

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